Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cloth Covered Books

Don't you just love the look of old school books
covered in cloth? I sure do. There is something about
textiles that just soften a home.

I have a couple of old books in original cloth covers but
I don't see them very often where I live and they can be costly
to collect a large number of them like in the photo above.

This is inside one of my original books. It shows how they
used string or thread to sew the fabric so it would
stay on the book and protect it. I remember doing the same with
brown paper grocery bags when I was in
school but of course they just slipped on.

I had been collecting old school books here and there in my
travels for a few years and had a nice assortment.
I decided I'd like to have several in a small antique cupboard
in the living room so I got out several of my
favorite brown reproduction fabrics similar to
what folks would have used in early times and started
sewing them on. I roughed them up after they were on the books
but was careful not to harm the books. You could
age them too a bit but I was too lazy!

I like the look of them in my old cupboard. Just a little something
of extra interest and a lot less money involved for the look.
The darling x-stitched pinkeep on my dolls lap
was gifted me by my good friend Kelley Belfast.
She stitched a Z for Zoe on the back. One of my very favorite keepsakes
made with loving hands by a dear friend. Lori


Lori said...

Lori ~
I LOVE your covered books!
I was just visiting my friend Robin (millstonemercantile) today at her house, and I showed her how to cover a book!!!!
Yours are beautiful, and LOVe that collection in the top photo...WOW!


Pieced Pastimes said...

Your books look lovely in the cupboard. I love the whole display. The pinkeep your friend made you is wonderful too. TFS.

ann hermes said...

I have a couple antique fabric covered books, too. I love them and love the ones you covered with repro fabric.

Kris Miller said...

Wow, I have neve seen an old cloth covered book before....maybe I have just overlooked them? They are lovely!

Deb said...

What a cool idea! I think that they look wonderful. I may have to do that with a few of mine.

WoolenSails said...

I do like that look, nice and warm looking compared to my glossy books. Might try that with some of my regular books that I keep out on the shelf and would help to protect them too.


primitivebettys said...

This is such a beautiful idea. You are always full of the most wonderful, awesome craft ideas! :)

Robin said...

I LOVE your books, they are fantastic!!!!! Lori was just showing me today how to cover one, yours look great on the shelves.
(millstone mercantile)

carole said...

Love the books!

Bobbie said...

I love those old covered books too, Lori. I have two that are really old and in the best blue calico...the first one I bought had my name in it, spelled the same way and under "Bobbie" was the name "Shane", which is my second son's name. It was dated 1897. I thought it was pretty interesting..so of course I bought it!

Sandy said...

Oh WOW...I love your covered book collections!!! I want to attempt some of my own. I found a tutorial, now all I need is some prim material.

Angie Berry said...

That photo is wonderful! I love books and have been collecting them for many years. We have a library in our home and that's the main reason I wanted to buy this place!

I love the fabrics you've used on your books and they are prim lovely sitting in your cupboard. The whole display is very nice. Of course, nothing better than having home mades from friends! Very special indeed.

The Carolina Peddler said...

Love the books. Thanks for the memories when I read about the covers. I remember when my grandmother showed me how to cover a book with fabric. It looked just like that. I'll have to go on the hunt for old books to cover.


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I just love those cloth covered books. I have a few but you have inspired me to make more!!

AllisonK said...

such a lovely idea!!