Friday, October 30, 2009

Well Here I Am...

entering the blog world! I never thought I would but decided I'd give it a go.

Firstly I'd like to share a rug I recently finished for myself inspired by an antique rug.

I'd always wanted to hook this rug and my friend Tina was generous enough to send me her drawing of the pattern to use. I had planned to hang it above our bed. Well, I hung it there but we don't have a headboard and it just looked lost by itself so I decided to hang another smaller horse rug underneath it that I did when I took a class from Barb Carroll a few years ago.

That's my little girl Zoe on our bed. It's one of her favorite places to snuggle.

Horses, hmmmmm, I'm seeing a theme here and I'll show you what I mean. Here's a picture of a little framed wool horse I did inspired by my friend Jackie

And lastly a horse of my own design. This is the first one I made.